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Bid on seized vehicles and property auctioned off on behalf of government and police agencies.
  Cars, Trucks and SUV's From $100
Clean title cars with low miles!
1000s of new cars weekly.
  Seized Boats and Vessels
Get in the world's largest boat liquidation company.
  Real Estate
Find foreclosures in your area.
Buy land for pennies on the dollar.
  Personal Property Items
Jewelry, furniture, office equipment, collectibles, antiques sports memorabilia and more.
  Unclaimed Money
Americans have some 15 billion dollars in unclaimed funds waiting for them to claim.
Seized Cars
All makes and models auctioned up to 90% off the retail value.
Seized Boats and Vessels
Get in the big auction.
Real Estate
Find and bid on HUD homes in your area.
Personal Property Items
Jewelry, collectibles, antiques, sports memorabilia...
Unclaimed Money
Unclaimed funds are waiting to be claimed.

auctionsPASS shows you where and when government auctions will be held.
Pay a fraction of the actual value. Purchase Directly from source & save!
Listings in every US city and state
Purchase Directly from source & save!
Millions of dollars of seized and unclaimed property.
Thousands of great deals including cars, houses, boats, jewelry, antiques, and much more.
Auctions on behalf of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.


Exclusive value packed auction guide

Learn how to bid at an auction and know the secrets from professional bidders to get the best items at the best price at auctions.